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Student Engagement

Student Engagement refers to the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion that students show when they are learning or being taught, which extends to the level of motivation they have to learn and progress in their education. Learnova ensures it’s done properly.

Practice makes perfect

Hundreds of skills and interactive activities guarantee perfect practice of acquired and new skills. Students learn from their mistakes and move to new challenges smoothly until they master these skills. Students have an unlimited number of practice attempts.

Learning is the eye of the mind

We make learning, explorative, and challenging. Learnova’s interactive activities stimulate children to learn. As a result, they develop specific and important skills in a natural way and learn through having fun. What students learn with pleasure, they never forget.


Thanks to Learnova Analytics' reports and e-mail updates, you will never miss a second of your students' exciting journey. Teachers and parents can track students’ performance in real time, measure their progress over time, and view when and where they practice.