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Learnova is an easy-to-use interactive k-8 Math and Language Arts platform. Learnova offers an exceptionally fun and interesting learning experience. Learnova offers learning videos, interactive quizzes, common core standard aligned curriculum, and some very useful and detailed analytics. What makes Learnova different from other educational platforms, is that it provides a social network where students can communicate, share, study, and challenge each other. Students feel they are in a game rather than an educational website. Learnova’s goal is to provide personalizes learning experience with a quality Math and Language Arts skill building program to every student in the world.

core features

Video gallery (COMING SOON)

Every skill or topic comes with a 3-5 minutes video that covers everything about the skill. Targeted teaching videos give students an incredible opportunity to grasp the information easily and retain the knowledge for a long time. It’s scientifically proven, that learners remember 50% of what they see and hear, the reason why it is important to incorporate visual and auditory explanations into an e-learning solution. We cannot overestimate the significance of e-learning videos because they truly work magic. Videos help explain complex topics in a short and easy way and make boring information come alive.

Social network (COMING SOON)

Getting students to communicate with peers turns their learning experience into an interesting, fun, and challenging chat room. Having a social network in our e-learning platform helps students communicate with peers around the world. They can post their progress, post interesting information, ask questions, share tips, provide advice to each other and even challenge each other to win trophies. Besides, students will have a 24/7 access to information and possibility to research and discuss topics and solve problems. It’s well known that peers’ support, advice and feedback boost students’ motivation to improve their academic level.

Common core standard aligned curriculum

Teaching a Common Core Standards aligned curriculum saves students’ time and effort and takes them straight to the prioritized skills they need to enhance. Common Core Standards are internationally benchmarked. This is mostly due to the multi-assessment model that enables to cover a variety of skills within one question. Students, therefore, are required not only to give the right answer, but to explain how they came up with it and prove their opinion. This approach leads to improving problem-solving, and analytical thinking skills.


Analytics provide automatic evaluation and better understanding of students’ progress. They guide both teachers and students to what students need to practice and prioritize the skills and topics to learn. Having a clear picture of what’s been completed and to which level, helps students adjust, manage and improve their e-learning experience. Analytics help students track back their practice record, view their struggle points, and get the proper guidance in terms of what to do, where to start, and how. Analytics help personalize and improve students’ learning experience.